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We have a citizen membership. Want to know why?

We have a citizen membership. Want to know why?

The majority of our memberships belong to businesses. However, this Chamber decided years ago to offer an "Individual" membership.  Unofficially, let's call it a citizen membership.  Some may wonder why a business organization would offer this option.   Well, this seems simple to me.  We want businesses to join the Chamber because a united voice of hundreds is much louder than anyone individual voice.  Together we can support one another and make more of an impact.  Well, there are other voices to be heard as well. Our citizens.  

So, why citizen memberships? 

In Goochland, we are gifted with wonderful rural areas, a beautiful river and long country drives.  We are also gifted with corporate centers that offer career opportunities to our citizens and pay taxes to help support infrastructure and public services.  We have large, historically significant homesteads and we have beautifully, planned neighborhoods. Our citizens and our businesses support the community with tax money and our non profit organizations step in when there is a gap that budgets can't cover.  There are many important players in this game. 

Private citizens usually work in or near the community or they have retired from work.  They make purchases in the community.  They have important things to say.  The Chamber is the convener between the citizen, the business community, and the government.  

Smart Growth. It's a balancing act.  I like growth.  Better schools, better roads, better jobs.  We should always be striving to improve the community.  It doesn't mean I support throwing up businesses without regulation on beautification and infrastructure.  Smart Growth.  Thoughtful Growth.  

Let's support our businesses.  Let's hear from the citizens who spend money with these businesses.  Let's hear from the homebuilders.  Let's hear from the homeowners.  Let's learn more about the needs of our community. Let's volunteer.  
We need to do this together.  



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