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Developing Future Leaders

Goochland Chamber’s Future Leaders Program  

    The Goochland Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of developing future leaders to build a stronger Goochland County. Our plan is to do this through two areas of focus; our Young Professionals Goochland Program and partnering with Goochland County Public Schools on Work- Based learning initiatives.  The GCPS Work Based Learning area of focus connects youth to employers through quality work-based learning experiences.  

Work-based learning is a talent strategy that provides students with real-life work experiences where students can apply academic and technical skills to develop their employability. 92% of our Chamber members are small businesses with 10 or fewer employees. Our employers continuously tell us that one of their top challenges continues to be talent. It is both difficult and expensive to find skilled talent necessary for them to thrive. By investing more in talent while leveraging our business relationships, we are working to grow, connect, and cultivate our own future workforce.  

As the Goochland Chamber of Commerce, we strive for Goochland County students to graduate from high school with a clearer understanding of local opportunities and assist them with the development of necessary employability skills to perform the jobs while meeting the talent needs of our Chamber and community members. We understand that to affect real change in the makeup of our workforce and community, we need to be strongly invested in the education and employer connection for our youth.  

To assist the success of students' career readiness, we will partner with local educators, staff, and nonprofit organizations serving students to connect employers to hands-on learning experiences. Such experiences include but are not limited to guest speakers, mock interviews, work-site tours, informational interviews, speed networking, mentoring, job shadows, and internships.  

Through these valuable experiences, students have the ability to apply classroom learning, establish professional connections, have a better understanding of workplace expectations, practice their soft skills all while broadening their awareness of career pathways. Most importantly, they allow students to uncover their true potential. In return, this increases their economic mobility by providing career options they may not have considered before.   

Employers also reap the rewards from a more elevated workforce and by volunteering their own time to support work-based learning. They have the ability to create an ongoing talent pipeline, test drive future talent, bring fresh perspective and ideas into their workplace, and increase their employees’ productivity through short term support. Our employer goal is to develop new partnerships with business leaders that will serve as work-based learning participants and advocates and connect students and businesses with mutually beneficial work-based learning experiences that create a future talent pipeline for Goochland County.   

To begin engaging with work-based learning connect with Carol Taylor, Goochland Chamber, at We look forward to speaking with you!  Together with our members, we can cultivate our own future workforce.